PR events

  • Company days, community meetings, conferences, etc.

Exterior / interior advertisement

  • Light / non-light exterior and interior advertising (signs, advertisement boards, etc.)
  • Eye-catchers (billboards, bigboards, megaboards, backlights, banners, citylights, etc.)
  • Architectural design of advertising
  • Production
  • Real estate rentals, approval and permit procedure – building permission
  • Engineering
  • Assembly and installation, maintenance and repair service
  • A wide offer of advertising locations
  • Promotional items

Electroluminescent lamps

  • Unique type of advertising for Slovak market!
  • Enables to animate your visual and thereby communicate your message in a creative and completely original way
  • Offers various possibilities of application – indoor (Points of Sale) and outdoor (city lights)

Media plannig

  • Analysis of current situation on media market
  • Analysis of consumer target groups
  • Analysis of anticipated trends on media market

Media buying

  • Buying of an optimal solution for your communication
  • Finance dealing with media

Media monitoring

  • Analysis of existing campaigns
  • Analysis of advertising expenses and monitoring