PR - actions

organizing business days, social events, conferences ...

Outdoor / Indoor advertising

complex lighting and light, exterior and interior advertising (light signs, billboards,
cassette lettering ...)
advertising billboards in Slovakia (billboards, bigboards, megaboards, backlights, banners, citylights ...)
architectural and artistic solution of advertising banner
production security
lease, approval and authorization procedure - building permit
engineering activities
assembly and installation work, maintenance and service
wide offer of advertising space
promotional items

Electroluminescent advertising

yet unique type of advertising for the Slovak market!
lets you animate your visuals and communicate your message in a very creative and absolutely original way with a wide range of uses - indoor (eg sales) and outdoor (citylights, billboards ...)

Media plannig

analysis of the current state of the media market
analysis of consumer target groups
analysis of predicted trends in the media market

Media buying

media purchase of the optimal mix for your communication
financial relations with the media

Media monitoring

analysis of implemented campaigns
analysis of advertising expenses and monitoring